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August 18, 2019

Dear TRM Boaters:

        The month of August is here - and much too soon!  We are beginning to plan for winter storage and have surveyed other yards in the area and have found the trend in storage rates is upward.  This is mainly the result of the diminishing availability of space.  In discussing our proposed rates with prospective new customers none of them found the rates unreasonable.  As such, please find our  2019/2020 winter rate schedule attached.

        As a water dependent business, we are obligated under the EPA’s 2015 General Permit to test Stormwater runoff to measure for certain metals.  In spite of our best efforts at containment we have not yet fallen below the benchmark amounts set by EPA.  We know that one of the main sources of the metals is the type of bottom paint currently in use.   For this fall season and in the future the yard will not allow any sanding of boat bottoms.  The fall power washing should remove paint and growth to set up the surface for spring painting.  Should your boat require additional attention the work will have to be done with the proper equipment by Town River Marina or a qualified contractor.  With many of the newer bottom paints annual sanding has become less of a necessity.

        The use boat covers will be limited to shrink-wrap or custom fitted canvas.  Anything else will not be allowed.  In the past few years we have experienced some incidents where tarps caused dangerous situations to both boats and owners.  This is a safety issue that we will be very strict about.  If you choose to wrap your boat, we will provide you with the names of contractors who are properly licensed and insured.

        This year we would like to be more organized in our hauling out, pressure washing, placing your boat for the winter and spring launching.  Typically boats arrive in groups, especially around the time the yacht clubs close.  It is important that all boats are pressure washed on the wash pad.  In order to do this, we have to schedule haul out dates prior to your arrival.  

For all customers responding to this letter we would appreciate a call or email to either Dave or Paul to discuss a haul date.  At the same time please be sure that we have your current certificate of insurance on file prior to hauling.

We look forward to your arrival at TRM.


Dave Donahue

 Contacts are:

 Dave at 617-947-4310 and 

 Paul at 617-590-3979 and